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Why invest in this independent film?

This is an entertaining film written to the formula that sells straight to video movies. The budget is low enough and the sales potential high enough to make everyone involved money. Let me brief you on that formula: Low budget, simple plot, nudity, sex and violence. For further production value I have many exotic animals as part of the "cast" in our film.

Here's a little quote about horror films and the public:
About the film "Vampires" "With the public's appetite for the (horror) genre obviously far greater than any vampire's appetite for AB positive. 
 Michael Lam - Sunday Star Time, New Zealand

The director, Wayne Bauer is not know for feature films, but he has experience writing for: live shows, skit comedy, sitcoms, and for feature films in the action comedy, horror, action and  fantasy genre.  He also has many years of editing experience. Many editors have gone on to become good directors - that's a fact.

The film industry is thriving and almost anything produced with average production values, a fair story and a solid cast will do well enough to profit. Since we have a much better than average production we feel the profits will be greater.

Think about it, with the invent of DVD, satellite, and the proliferation of cable channels, the demand for product is very high. One way to appreciate this demand for film is that it takes about six months to a year to produce a film, but only 90 minutes for the viewer to see it. Then it's "what's on now?" - it's a never ending, voracious appetite for new product.

The most popular film with filmmakers is the "R" film . There are always the exception to the rule, but the averages show that one out of ten films is a major success and one out of ten is a major flop. The other eight earn at least a small profit. Low production cost, unique solid product, and good marketing can generate huge profits.  

All these elements can be found in Feeding Time from writer/director Wayne Bauer.  It's not just a slasher horror with a cast of teens running around in their underwear. Feeding Time has humor, and of course it's got the sexy scenes (as well as girl on girl scenes) as well and it will have a broad appeal for both foreign and domestic markets.

We as independent filmmaker have to be innovative and have multiple skills and do our best to make an entertaining film in a cost-efficient manner. We have that in the talent of Wayne Bauer and Tom Morga. A talented writer/director and a well respected stunt coordinator. And the talents of Mike McGee , an incredible special effects talent. 

We plan to shoot for four weeks in the Agua Dulce area, Southern California.   

Take a minute to read the rest of the details about Feeding Time and then give us a call at (818) 921-6717 (or e-mail us.

We're not making an artsy fartsy film only our friends will want to see, we think once you read the script you'll want to see this movie!





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