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It's more than just a stage show! 
It's a super-hip, super high energy, 
musical comedy, stunt show!
The perfect show for parks and fairs.
Great entertainment for the entire family!

Quick Time Movie Promo - Hi-Res
Quick Time Movie Promo - Low-Res

New Quick Time Promo

Audience Participation


Wild Crowd Pleaser

Fast Paced

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As seen at 

Marine World Africa, USA
Sea World of Ohio
California Mid State Fair
The Young Millionaire's Convention

and many more

wayne1ma.jpg (12712 bytes) "Every time we add the Hollywood Stuntshow to our special themed events, our clients rave over your performance and professionalism. We really appreciate the way you can adjust your stage show or customize a new scenario to fit in with the over all theme".

Rick Hern, Producer
The Crest Organization

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It was one of our most successful promotion tours.  They captivated the radio and television audience.

Terry Droyhan
Head of Public Relations 
Sea World of Ohio
goosema.jpg (20552 bytes) You guys were great!  The gunfight scene stopped the entire crowds.  I think all the parents were eternally grateful to you for keeping the kid's attention. 
 I would not hesitate to use
 your services
Gig Xifaras
Artist's' Managers
Associated Entertainment Consultant's Group
jumpropea.jpg (18744 bytes) "When you were here at Sea World, we enjoyed a marked increase in business from the 18-25 age group 
( a demographic we traditionally
 have trouble attracting).

VP of Entertainment
Sea World of Ohio
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