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Double Duty (SOLD)

Written for Stepping Out Inc for an action actress.

  • Action /Comedy
Major Mimi (M.J.) Lagos retires from the Marine Corps after years of distinguished service. She wants more out of life as her biological clock compels her to begin a civilian life seeking a man to marry and start a family. But after a life of military service this is easier said than done.

After her discharge, she lives with her college chum Sophia, who is an independent woman running a foundation raising money for charities. Sophia tries to help M.J. walk and talk more as a lady, but getting the girl out of the Marines is easier than getting the Corps out of the girl.

Hope raises itís head when the ladies attend a cocktail party where a hypnotist gives M.J. the suggestion that at the snap of his fingers M.J.íS the epitome of femininity. Seeing a solution to their problem Sophia asks the hypnotist to leave the suggestion as a fast fix to all the training.

When thieves ruin Sophiaís auction of a family heirloom, both of M.J.ís personalities come into play when inadvertent finger snaps change her from the Marine saving the day to the lady that saves coupons.


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