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kbface.jpg (10608 bytes)KiKi and Bubba
(TV Sitcom)

  • Comedy

Two years ago, as payment for a modeling job, KiKi takes the baby tiger she appeared with in the ad. Now he is almost full grown and they live in a "no pets allowed" contemporary New York apartment.

Kiki and Bubba The recurring theme of the story, and the springboard for the comedic situation is KiKi's ongoing struggle to hide the presence of her tiger roommate. Working from home doesn't make her life easier as she replies to advice-seekers in her column whose situations mirror her own personal struggles and her solution to them. 

Fox Valley Four
(TV Sitcom)
  • Comedy

The Fox Valley Four is a 4 screen multi-cinema theater located in the midwest town of Fox Valley. 

Ron Bates and Bruce, his assistant manager, run the modest theater and it's staff of loyal if not eccentric employees. The most experienced staff member is, George, the octogenarian projectionist that tells stories of the way it was in the beginning of "talkies". Some times things move pretty fast for George, but he tries to keep up. 

Bruce is young, almost young enough to be Ron's son. They are like mentor and apprentice. Ron has been married for years and tries to enlighten Bruce to the ways of women. 

The Matinees are maddening, the twilight shows start the upswing to the prime time chaos. Not only do the characters bring their own quirks and problems to the everyday work night, but the patrons bring their own surprises. 

“Stunt Camp”
High concept
Young men and women bring their special qualities to a team competition for cash prizes and the chance to become a movie stunt person.

It’s a Hollywood dream come true for young aspiring stunt men and women from all over the country to break into films. Two coed teams of ten are given a chance to showcase their talent in a different scenario each week on their quest for start a film career.  After a process of eliminations one man or woman walks away with a cash prize and a personal introduction to the life of a Hollywood stuntman.



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