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Demon Season

Weary travelers become part of the demon-breeding season on a dark and dusty highway outside of Vegas.

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The Fabric of Love
Romanic Comedy

A young, gorgeous Latina dress designer and her restaurant owner mother lock horns; the family business will never be the same.

Mama keeps up and maintains a gorgeous and thriving Mexican Restaurant; her mother lives with her. Paulina, Mama’s beautiful daughter works there, but has been sewing, stitching, and designing clothes since she could hold a pencil. Mama wants Paulina in the family business. Mama and Paulina are at odds over this: Paulina can’t and won’t cook: she wants to design and now learns she is a finalist in a spectacular design contest. The winner will be invited to present their designs through Damon Sachicko’s House of Design. Add the unrequited love of Paulina by young Albert; handsome, sharp, funny, and a perfect match Paulina--she just doesn't know it yet. Amid the tug by Mama in one direction, Paulina's passion for design in another, and Albert's sweet patience wearing thin, everything Paulina has ever known is about to be challenged and turned upside down.

Three generations of Latina women under one roof sizzles, as the Fabric of Love entwines love, the joy of creation and determination amid two different traditions, blends two cultures and builds one strong and entertaining story about young love and the American Dream.

Peanut Butter Christmas
A family film that will stick in your heart not the roof of your mouth.

"Peanut Butter Christmas" is similar to classics such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” and centers on a father of nine kids named Bob Canning who’s struggling to make ends meet as an executive of a peanut butter company. 

The story opens on Christmas Eve when Bob learns that, due to a strange zoning law, he and his wife must vacate their home by New Year’s. Meanwhile, at work, Bob is competing for a promotion with the owner’s nephew Finch, whose loyal cronies constantly undermine him. But when the owner gives each of his employees a jar of peanut butter rather than cash for their Christmas bonus, everyone either throws, or gives it away. Except, that is, for Bob, who keeps his jar and retrieves the discarded ones as well, figuring they could be used to feed his family. But when it’s discovered that the unusual bonuses were just a loyalty test and certificates for cash are hidden in the jars, Finch and his friends must race all over town for their jars of peanut butter…while Bob and his family just might get the best Christmas surprise ever.

 “Peanut Butter Christmas” is a touching and funny story that will appeal to a wide audience.

Wicked Cool

A suspenseful tale of a brother's love for his sister gone too far.

A Bostonian woman, Cindy, and her German husband, George, leave their home in Germany to attend a funeral in her hometown for a distant uncle. While  there, things are sedate until Cindy inadvertently releases Kevin, her crazy brother, from the nuthouse.

After the funeral Cindy and George plan to drive to Texas for a concert by George’s favorite country western singer. They leave sooner than expected when Kevin threatens to kill George so he can replace him as Cindy’s lover.    From Massachusetts to Texas Kevin stalks the couple. Cindy tries to protect George from the danger, embarrassed by the fact that the little brother she was always responsible for is loose, out of control, and trying to kill him.

Terror in Tick Canyon
In this food chain, you are the weakest link.

The manager of a failing animal compound and his wife struggle to keep the ranch afloat despite the owner's lack of concern for the animals.  Even after an unexplained murder, the owner's only thoughts are for the government money he gets letting students live, work and learn on the compound. 

Secrets are kept and no one is the wiser when the new group arrives. Shortly after staff and students quietly, albeit, hideously disappear.  On the upside the animals start eating better.

Stunt Camp

Having come to a remote stunt school to learn this interesting and dangerous craft, a diverse group of students helps a classmate foil a plot by his predatory older brother to kill their father and inherit the family fortune. They are aided by the camp's neighbor, a jealous nut who's wife sunbathes nude near the camp's high fall tower.

This film has stunts, action, an ensemble cast, lots of running jokes, sight gags, and tons of humor. (like Stripes & Police Academy)

Alter Ego

Home alone on a stormy night lamenting about what a loser he is, Ward Latterman is struck by lightning inside his small apartment. When he regains consciousness he finds his alter ego staring back at him from the dining room mirror. He is everything Ward wants to be; tall, athletic and handsome.

With his high school reunion happening that weekend, Ward isn’t about to face old high school nightmares and the bully that set the pace for the rest of his life.
The Alter Ego tells Ward, “When you need me, I’ll be here. When you need me most, we can change places.”
Alter Ego is a feel good, root for the underdog who comes out on top movie. 

Family Cruz

While touring the museum of the mummies, a woman learns of a curse that may be connected to her husband's family. All is dismissed as coincidence until the mummies comes to life to fulfill a 300 year old prophecy. Now she fights for the lives of her husband and son because of their relation to the cursed family.

Naked Women in a Haunted House
  • Comedy/Horror

Penrose Porterhouse, an eccentric and reclusive millionaire, lures Bambi, Tammy, Sandy, Tya, Angel, Nancy, and Marge to his Victorian mansion to participate in a contest that nets the winner 3 million dollars.  He directs the proceedings from his hideaway studio, where he monitors the girls' every move and announces each task or contest.  His devoted manservant, Edson is his liaison with the girls.

One by one the girls meet horrible fates.  The group does not realize that each "eliminated" contestant has not actually left the house.  At the twisted, gruesome end....well, let's just say that they are all there...in spirit


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